A Summer of Socials

Posted by Rachael Treacher on Thursday 10th August 2023

"Liverpool Cares is the embodiment of 'scouse' – love warmth, laughter and family" - Martin. 

In her next blog, Senior Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Rachael writes about Liverpool Cares' successful summer social events that have introduced, engaged and connected younger and older neighbours in spaces and places across the city in 2023.

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"Do something meaningful" - a younger neighbour's perspective

Posted by Rachael Treacher on Friday 20th January 2023

If meeting new people and giving something back to your community is on your new year's resolution list, check out this lovely blog from younger neighbour Alana (19) who joined our network in 2022. We hear about her motivations for joining, her highlights so far and how she's got stuck right into our free social clubs. 

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Another fun-filled year of social clubs!

Posted by Abbie Beckett on Tuesday 20th December 2022

2022 has been jam-packed with joy – exactly what the doctor ordered! Read on to hear about some of the fantastic clubs from the last year, and how each and every one of them connected neighbours across the city in different, wonderful ways.

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'I'm on my own so it's nice to join Liverpool Cares'

Posted by Alice Taylor on Tuesday 29th November 2022

Our Love Your Neighbour programme brings together younger and older neighbours living across Liverpool, to share time, laughter, and joy together over the phone, in-person, or a mix of both. In her most recent blog, Love Your Neighbour Coordinator Alice takes the reader behind the scenes and spotlights the neighbour journey – from referral to match.

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New Neighbours in Town

Posted by Rachael Treacher on Tuesday 1st November 2022

In this latest blog, Senior Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Rachael writes about welcoming new younger neighbours into the network. 

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The cost of living crisis – what it means for our loneliness epidemic, and what we’re doing about it

Posted by Jess Dyson-Houghton on Wednesday 7th September 2022

The cost of living crisis will plunge the UK further into a loneliness epidemic. With millions of people without any spare income to spend on social interaction – particularly over the winter when household bills are expected to rise the most sharply – many are at risk of falling into even deeper isolation, loneliness and disconnection from their communities.

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A day in the life as a Senior Outreach Officer

Posted by Rachael Treacher on Wednesday 31st August 2022

Following two and a half years of disconnection and unsettling times, it finally feels like things are settling down. Senior Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, Rachael, shares with you a typical “day in the life” of her role.

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