Our Second Scouse Winter Wellbeing

Posted by Rachael Treacher on Thursday 10th October 2019

Last week we launched our second Winter Wellbeing project that will help over 65’s to stay warm, active and connected over the winter months ahead. The project will see us delivering warm items, things like blankets, hats, coats, scarves and even hot water bottles, providing a little extra warmth for older people as we move into these colder months. 

Rachael Treacher, our Outreach Coordinator, leads on this project. In this blog, she tells us more about some of the outreach work she’s been doing, and the older Scouse neighbours she’s met along the way.

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Challenge fundraising: A super summer of fundraising

Posted by Rachael Forde on Wednesday 25th September 2019

In this blog Development Coordinator Rachael Forde rounds up a fantastic summer of fundraising at Liverpool Cathedral. She will tell us all about the inspiring volunteers, and new friends who have raised those all important funds to support our core programmes. 

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Outreach: connecting with brilliant older Scouse neighbours!

Posted by Rachael Treacher on Monday 19th August 2019

Rachael Treacher leads our Outreach at Liverpool Cares. Here, she tells us about her work in Kensington Fields Community Centre, the characters she's met along the way, and the funny, uplifting stories she’s constantly uncovering through this ongoing work she's doing in our communities. 

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"If Liverpool Cares had a flag, I would fly it!"

Posted by Christine Gore on Wednesday 14th August 2019

Christine is a well-known friendly face at Liverpool Cares' social clubs, whether that be getting stuck in at Craft Club or enjoying a drink with her older neighbours at a Pub Club. Here she describes what being a volunteer for Liverpool Cares means to her, and why she keeps coming back for more. 

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Part of the family

Posted by Alex Smith on Wednesday 7th August 2019

Here at Liverpool Cares, we’re proud of our city. We’re also proud of our family – the wider Cares Family that Liverpool Cares is part of that’s bringing older and younger neighbours together in other fast-changing cities around the country too. Watch our new film, and be part of it.

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Introducing Kathy!

Posted by Abbie Beckett on Thursday 1st August 2019

We first met Kathy, 74, in November on Penny Lane. Her vibrant personality (and hair!) were not to be forgotten in a hurry. She came along to our first ever social club, and jokes that we haven’t been able to get rid of her ever since! We caught up with her to find out what she loves about our city and the friends she has made at Liverpool Cares.

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Meet Kelly and Joan, our first Love Your Neighbour match!

Posted by Jess Dyson-Houghton on Monday 29th July 2019

July was a special month for Kelly (41) and Joan (92) as they met for the first time through our Love Your Neighbour programme, which introduces younger and older neighbours to one another for some company, conversation and shared time one to one.

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Fundraising hero Danny!

Posted by Danny Woodworth on Wednesday 17th July 2019

Danny is a volunteer with Liverpool Cares, and has decided to take on an epic cycle ride in aid of the charity. Find out what inspired him to get on his bike. 

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