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New Neighbours in Town

Please note: this post is 20 months old and The Cares Family is no longer operational. This post is shared for information only

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In this latest blog, Senior Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Rachael writes about welcoming new younger neighbours into the network. 

The autumn months signify a change in seasons. The leaves start to fall, warm clothes come out of cupboards, and the nights draw in. In Liverpool, it’s an exciting time – with an influx of new students coming into the city, and existing ones returning, all on journeys in learning and education.

Change is sometimes hard to embrace, it can be scary, unfamiliar, and daunting – especially for those coming to a new city. The busy streets and bright lights can quickly become a place that you feel you have little connection to, it can be tough being away from family and friends in unfamiliar surroundings, knowing only a few people.

Liverpool is one of the friendliest cities in the world – Scousers love to chat and help people out, and Scousers also have a strength of spirit that it allows us to find humour during the hardest times. It's our mission at Liverpool Cares to use that spirit and friendliness to build an open, fun, warm and inviting network of younger and older neighbours who can come together to hang out, enjoy fun activities together and make real connections with one another.

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At Liverpool Cares, we see the influx of newcomers and students into the city as an opportunity to connect them to our vibrant network of younger and older neighbours we’ve been creating, hopefully introducing them to some new, friendly faces – who can soon become familiar friends.

That’s why we’ve recently been present at University and College Freshers Fairs across the city, including the City of Liverpool College, the University of Liverpool and John Moores University. In early October we also took over the University of Liverpool’s Instagram, where we shared about our programmes and encouraged followers to ask our team questions to find out more about our work.  

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We’ve used these opportunities to connect with students to introduce them to our network, providing them with a fun, inclusive space where they can find real connections with people of all ages. 

There are many benefits to be gained from engaging with a community like Liverpool Cares. Taking part in our programmes supports good health and well-being, allows you to connect with others, and encourages you to share positive experiences with new people. Joining in with our free social clubs also helps you explore Liverpool in a different, interesting way. With Liverpool Cares you’ll uncover places and spaces you probably wouldn’t have otherwise visited. 

Earlier this year we asked our younger neighbours earlier what the impact of being part of the Liverpool Cares community network was on their lives, and here are some of the things they shared:

“Liverpool Cares makes me feel part of the wider community as a student. I appreciate the value in talking to older people even more now.”

“Everytime I volunteer I feel I have made someone happy, helped and supported someone. It makes my day so special. I always enjoy meeting new people and having fun!”

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Every month we run younger neighbour inductions where you can come along, meet members of our team, and hear about our story so far. These hour-long inductions are also an opportunity to meet other younger neighbours over a slice or two of free pizza!

At September’s induction, new younger neighbour Jemima told us she “really values social interaction with people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet" – we believe that this is exactly what we are harnessing at Liverpool Cares.

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