From 2018 to 2023, Liverpool Cares connected older and younger neighbours to reduce loneliness and bridge intergenerational polarisation

The impact we made

For five years, we worked to nurture socially connected communities in which people felt less lonely, more united and that they belong

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And we helped inspire a movement of people building community across the UK through simple relationships and a proactive approach

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We closed in November 2023 with a proud legacy, hope in the future and a sense of what's possible

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The Cares Family

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"Liverpool Cares brings me a life"- a chat with Trish

by Liverpool Cares

In her latest blog, our Love Your Neighbour Coordinator Alice chats to Trish, we wanted to hear more about Trish’s time with her fellow neighbours at Liverpool Cares, and reflect on the impact getting involved with our programmes has had. Keep on reading for a wonderful snapshot of her experience so far!

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"It brings such a wealth of fun, laughter and joy into my life"

by Liverpool Cares

In our third blog this week we hear from 42 year old Abby, who connects with Liverpool Cares though Love Your Neighbour and Social Clubs programmes. We hear how Abby finds a deep connection to her community and her experiences online during COVID 19. 

Christine 1

"If Liverpool Cares had a flag, I would fly it!"

by Liverpool Cares

Christine is a well-known friendly face at Liverpool Cares' social clubs, whether that be getting stuck in at Craft Club or enjoying a drink with her older neighbours at a Pub Club. Here she describes what being a volunteer for Liverpool Cares means to her, and why she keeps coming back for more.