Liverpool Cares tackles loneliness and isolation across the city by bringing older and younger neighbours together

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Taking on a challenge for Liverpool Cares is the perfect way to push yourself, have fun and make a huge difference.

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For Pete

Love Your Neighbour brings people like Margaret and Jack together for fun and friendship one-on-one. Read about what a friendship like that means to Margaret.

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Neighbour spotlight - younger neighbour Jordan!

Headshot of Abbie Beckett by Abbie Beckett

Thinking of joining Liverpool Cares? Read this short interview with younger neighbour Jordan. He signed up to be a part of Liverpool Cares back in 2019, and has been a part of all of our programmes at some point or other in the last few years. We caught up with him and asked him about his experience as a younger neighbour before a big move to London, where he hopes to become a part of the East London Cares crew!


Improving your mental health: The power of building meaningful connections

Headshot of Rachael Treacher by Rachael Treacher

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from the 9th-15th May, and this year’s theme is ‘loneliness’. We recently asked four of our younger neighbours – Hanneke, Michael, Hannah, and Caterina – about their motivations to join Liverpool Cares, how they've felt building meaningful connections through our programmes, and how they've overcome their own feelings of loneliness.

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Good tech times ahead: Helping older neighbours in the digital world

Headshot of Rachael Treacher by Rachael Treacher

At Liverpool Cares, we’re continuing to support older neighbours with digital technology, helping to improve literacy, confidence and online skills. We’re utilising the digital expertise of our younger neighbour network, creating spaces where older neighbours feel relaxed, supported and connected - both in person and online - and can hang out with their younger neighbours and learn something new over a cup of tea.