Tackling loneliness and isolation in Liverpool by bringing older and younger neighbours together.

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Liverpool – it's our city, one we adore and are proud to call home. It's full of music, laughter, community, personality and spirit. It's a global city, built on the Docks and the Mersey, which has inspired so many.

But the vibrant city we love is also changing fast and the new technology and pace of transformation can leave some people feeling anonymous, isolated and lonely. 

That's why Liverpool Cares exists: to connect younger and older people so that all Scousers can feel part of our changing city rather than left behind by it. 

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Give the gift of friendship

Sharing time is precious – especially in our busy, fast-paced city. But 40% of older people say the TV is their main form of company, and young people are increasingly feeling disconnected too. By donating to Liverpool Cares, you could help make our activities possible so that older and younger Scousers can share time and new experiences.

Fancy a challenge?

If you want to go the extra mile for Liverpool Cares, check out our upcoming challenge events.

From 5k fun runs to marathons, and swims to cycles, there's something for you to brave this year.

August Social Clubs

by Abbie Beckett

There's plenty of fun to be had this August - online, over-the-phone and in-person! Have a read and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Upcoming July Social Clubs

by Abbie Beckett

Here's what we have coming up in July! We have both face-to-face social clubs and virtual social clubs on zoom - we really hope you can join us.


Celebrating our Younger Neighbour Network: Listening and Learning to Make our Communities Better

by Rachael Treacher

Last month, the Liverpool Cares team hosted a Younger Neighbour Celebration Evening as an opportunity to bring everyone together, share learning and experiences, and most importantly, to celebrate the impact they all made over the last year. 

We also took the space to share with younger neighbours the ways The Cares Family have been embedding Anti Racism into our programmmes to help rebuild stronger, safer communities for everyone to be a part of.


by Rachael Forde

"I've never met Valerie or Nish or Tony in person, but I feel like I have. It's given me a connection at a time when that's been hard to come by. It's really funny but I think of them as my phone family now and I look forward to what we are going to chat about next!"

Cheryl, older neighbour


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