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2018-2023: Love Your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour was our one-to-one friendship programme. We introduced younger and older neighbours in Liverpool to share time, laughter, and joy together over the phone, in-person, or a mix of both. Neighbours generally caught up for about an hour a week for company and conversation.

Friendships were genuine, long-lasting and meaningful for older and younger neighbours alike. We matched people based on their proximity to each other and shared interests. Often, friends helped each other discover new interests - and helped one another to feel part of a changing world, rather than left behind by it.

Each friendship was unique – some neighbours headed out to explore north London’s coffee shops, museums and football clubs; others enjoyed staying in, watching their favourite films or TV shows together or just having a cup of tea and a chat.

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Younger Neighbour Áine summed up what it felt like to be matched with older neighbour Chris through the programme:

"Chris is amazing - I'm so glad to have been matched with him. We're becoming best friends. We discuss personal issues and each other's pasts and how we can help one another."