Social Clubs

Liverpool Cares' Social Clubs will offer a chance for young professionals and older neighbours to hang out together, to learn, to laugh and to build the types of friendships and networks that really matter in life. Eventually we will run several social clubs a week across the city. The group activities will be different every time – but they'll always focus on fun and shared experience.

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Social Clubs will come in various forms. Most commonly, they'll revolve around cultural interactions, such as through:

  • Film nights
  • Storytelling nights
  • New tech workshops
  • Pub visits
  • Back to Work business trips
  • Ballroom dances
  • And loads more!
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Social Clubs will occur programmatically. That means we will always try to keep them exciting, fresh and involving for all participants. And they'll be ever-changing, depending on what older and younger people want to get up to together in Liverpool!

In the summer, we'll host BBQs and picnics. In the winter, we'll focus on Christmassy movies and winter warmer events. And in spring, we might host Grand National Parties and Afternoon Teas.

If you have a passion or an interest that you'd like to bring to the table for our various activities, please let us know.

Ktcc Dance

To be part of one of our Social Clubs, please fill in the online signup form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch soon.

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