"It brings such a wealth of fun, laughter and joy into my life"

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In our third blog as part of National Volunteers week, we hear from 42 year old Abby, who connects with Liverpool Cares through Love Your Neighbour and Social Clubs programmes. We hear how Abby finds a deep connection to her community and her experiences online during COVID 19. 

One word to describe your volunteering experience so far?Deeeeeeeelightful!."

What made you want to volunteer with Liverpool Cares? "In essence- your main aim. To combat loneliness. I have first hand experience of being lonely and feeling disconnected from my local area. I'd been searching for an organisation who did buddying for a while, but to no avail. The social clubs were perfect for me as a single parent of a disabled child- no commitment, but still an opportunity to connect to a wider yet local community. The Virtual Social Clubs made this even more available to me."

What impact does volunteering have on your life? "I can honestly say it brings such a wealth of fun, laughter and joy into my life. I have SUCH a wonderful time at the social clubs and with my phone buddy older neighbour. I feel part of something bigger and a huge sense of community."

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What do you like most about volunteering? " Volunteering gives as much to me as it does to my older neighbours. I'd love to see some intergenerational buddying between single mothers and older people." 

What don’t you like? "There have been a couple of instances of difficult behaviours from older neighbours but I can honestly say Liverpool Cares have dealt with any issues discreetly and with care."

How long do you ‘volunteer’ for each week? “Usually 1-2 hours for calls and clubs, sometimes more!”


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about volunteering with Liverpool Cares in the future? "You won't realise that YOU will benefit from the volunteering just as much as your older neighbours do."

If your looking to spend some time hanging out with younger and older neighbours in your community online, over the phone and in person get in touch with us. You can sign up by going to https://liverpoolcares.org.uk/... or by dropping an email to Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator Rachael at [email protected] or by giving us call on 0151 659 1789 and selecting option 1.