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"If Liverpool Cares had a flag, I would fly it!"

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Christine is a well-known friendly face at Liverpool Cares' social clubs, whether that be getting stuck in at Craft Club or enjoying a drink with her older neighbours at a Pub Club. Here she describes what being a volunteer for Liverpool Cares means to her, and why she keeps coming back for more. 

Christine 7

If Liverpool Cares had a flag, I would fly it!

I truly love being a volunteer for Liverpool Cares and I’m a big fan of their free social clubs.

You might think that as a volunteer you’re just there to help, but it truly works both ways. Just because I’m younger doesn't mean I don’t get lonely, because I do! Sometimes I need to get myself out of the house and discover new things. Sadly, I’ve lost all of my Grandparents, so it's also great to be back in the company of people from the same generation as them; and what a generation it is! Together we can share experiences and talk about things we have in common; usually good-natured complaining about the cost of taxis, the trials of dating, and of course the TV programme Love Island!

I first heard about Liverpool Cares through Independent Liverpool. It took me longer than I would’ve liked to sign up, if I'm totally honest with you, but when I saw their Tequila Tasting social club advertised then I thought “this is the group for me”!

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Since joining in April, I’ve been to lots of different social clubs; like Craft Clubs where I’ve either made Ladie’s Day outfits out of toilet paper with older neighbour May, or had to throw glitter all over a basket I didn't make very well. I’ve also been to a Cocktail Party where I played Mario Cart with a controller which didn’t turn left (but I still came third out of four!), and an Italian Night, ran by older neighbour Sylvia, where we played a game called Guess The Pasta; I found out that there’re hundreds and hundreds of different types of pasta!

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However, my all-time favourite social club has been Singalong! Before going along I 100% just thought I'd mumble my way through it, or even go as far as miming! But I loved it. There’s just something really great about singing “Suspicious Minds” in a group!

I love that you can pick and choose from such a variety of activities, and that they always take place on different days and times so no matter what your job might be you should always be able to get to at least a few that month.

I really can’t recommend signing up highly enough for everyone! I come out of each social club with a smile on my face, and at each one I’ve had a good laugh, made new friends (young and old), and left not being able to wait for the next one.

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