What makes a Love Your Neighbour match?

Love Your Neighbour is our friendship matching programme that brings together older and younger neighbours across Liverpool for mutually beneficial fun, friendship and connection. The friendships forged across the programme are all special in their own ways, and provide a positive experience for both neighbours involved. Through our matches, we hope to create space for genuine and dynamic friendships to flourish.

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First, let me introduce Christine! If you are a regular at our social clubs then the odds are that you’ve probably met Christine, as since joining in 2019 she’s enjoyed spending time with her neighbours at almost 70 clubs!  Christine is also a fundraising hero, taking part in our abseil, remote relay and Santa Dash all in aid of Liverpool Cares. Christine has been involved in our Love Your Neighbour programme since 2020, and has been matched with Edna for almost 2 years. Christine has shared some thoughts about her match, and how it is mutually beneficial to her.

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Christine and Edna 

One word to describe your Love Your Neighbour experience so far?

    • Connection

What made you want to get involved with the programme? 

  • During the lockdown there were times when I was lonely even in company. I wanted to do something with all the spare time I suddenly had so this was the ideal thing.

What impact does your Older Neighbour have on your life? 

  • I have a friend who is older and wiser and has a different perspective on life which I value.

A joyful moment from your friendship-

  •  The look on Edna's face when I first went to see her in the hospital. I could see how happy she was to see me and I hope that was reflected in my face too. It made me feel very special.

Something you have learned from your older neighbour- 

  • Edna has such a positive outlook on life. There are times when she expresses her sadness and her pain but she takes it in her stride, gets on with it and looks at what she does have and is grateful. She could easily and understandably let these things get the better of her but she doesn’t.
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Now, say hello to Abby! Abby has been part of the Liverpool Cares network since 2018, getting involved with Social Clubs, fundraising, and our Love Your Neighbour programme. Abby and her match Doreen have hung out either in person or over the phone a whopping 50 times since being matched in September of 2020, spending 44 hours together! This busy pair can often be found out and about - they enjoy going for walks in Sefton Park together, and recently went into town to go shopping. They even enjoyed a lovely lunch out for belated birthday celebrations for Doreen! Here is what Abby had to say about their friendship.

Abby and Doreen

One word to describe your Love Your Neighbour experience so far…

    • FUN

What made you want to get involved with the programme?

  • I wanted to have a friendship with an older neighbour because I have personal experience of isolation and know what a difference it makes when one person checks in with you. 

What impact does your Older Neighbour have on your life?

  • Doreen is a tour de force of a woman! She brings out my silly, sassy side. 

A joyful moment from your friendship-

  • I loved when I went to Doreen’s for the first time we were allowed to. We’d been chatting on the phone for a few months first. It was so lovely to see all the photos of her family she’d been talking about! 

Something you have learned from your older neighbour-

  • Not to suffer fools gladly- and also, always trust a Barbadian to make a decent rum punch!
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These two snapshots beautifully illustrate just how every friendship made on Love Your Neighbour is entirely unique, and what makes them so special is the connection shared between the two neighbours involved. Love Your Neighbour matches should always be mutually beneficial, and something that both people enjoy and look forward to. 

If you would like to find out more about how to join the programme and get involved please contact Alice Taylor by emailing  [email protected], giving us a call on 0151 659 1789.

Alice Taylor

Posted by Alice Taylor on Tuesday 1st March 2022

Alice Taylor is the Love Your Neighbour coordinator for Liverpool Cares. She manages our one-to-one friendship matching programme.