"He listened to me when I needed someone to talk to": meet Margaret and Jack

Jack and Margaret were matched on the Love Your Neighbour programme in October of 2020, during lockdown, and since then have spent 47 hours chatting up a storm over the phone! As they approach their 1 year friend-iversary we wanted to celebrate this fab pair, and ask them some questions about what’s so special about their friendship!

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Margaret on Jack:

What are three words to describe Jack?

Understanding, good listener...what can I say about someone I love talking to?! I haven’t met him but he seems like a fabulous character, he has the same outlook on life as me. I love the guy and I’ve never met him!

What have you learned from Jack? 

Younger people are very smart, they are different from my generation. We just got on with life but the generation now is into everything, and he is very interesting. He also gave me tips for when I got my cat, I hadn’t had one in 14 years and he was a big help. 

What’s special about your friendship?

I can talk to him about anything and we make each other laugh, that’s the main thing! I got to a time in my life when I needed him. He is lovely to talk to and he understands me. He listened to me when I needed someone to talk to! 

What’s something that you laugh about together?  

Things the family gets up to — families are the funniest! And when I tell him about what me and my friends get up to he’s roaring with laughter. We buzz off each other, is that a word the kids use?!

What would you say to yourself when you were Jack’s age?

I would say to myself to aim high and understand people. Accept other people’s faults as no one is perfect, and understand what they are going through. Understanding people more, Jack does this! 

Why are intergenerational friendships so important?

They give a different view on life and it is so interesting. I love seeing people that live life and share it with me! They show me that you can try anything you want. I love seeing women owning businesses and trying new things in these times, as that wasn’t the case when I was young.

I thank Liverpool Cares for giving me Jack, I needed him when he came along. I really look forward to our little talks. 

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Jack on Margaret:

Three words to describe Margaret:

Fun, inquisitive and caring

What have you learned from Margaret? 

Margaret brings fun to most things, and this is a great perspective to have in life. 

What is special about your friendship?

Even though there’s an age difference, we have a lot in common. We can talk about a broad range of subjects and share our views without judgement. We can move easily from a deep and serious conversation to silliness and fun. 

What is something you laugh about together?

Margaret and I have a very similar sense of humour, and look for the fun and comedy in life. We often share funny stories and mishaps that have happened that make us laugh. 

What would you say to yourself when you are Margaret’s age? 

Have fun and enjoy life. 

Why are intergenerational friendships so important? 

It is important to listen to different perspectives. We have both had different experiences in life and this gives each of us a different view. 

If you would like to get involved with our Love Your Neighbour programme, please contact [email protected] 

Alice Taylor

Posted by Alice Taylor on Wednesday 13th October 2021

Alice Taylor is the Love Your Neighbour coordinator for Liverpool Cares. She manages our one-to-one friendship matching programme.