Let's get down to business - A spotlight on our workplace visits


Neighbours coming together to learn new things is something we see every day at Liverpool Cares. Our Technology Workshops are an obvious example of this, where older neighbours are paired up with someone a little more tech-savvy to answer questions about how to use their gadgets, but the knowledge exchange stretches further than you might think. Past Social Clubs have seen older neighbour Sylvia (70) teaching a room full of younger and older neighbours some Italian phrases, geography and more at her Italian Social, and Lill (75) led another of our clubs only recently and taught bartender Josh (29) a thing or two about line dancing!

Our Social Clubs programme is lots of things for lots of different people. They can be a way for older and younger neighbours to get out of the house for a few hours, or a way for them to meet new people. To many of our neighbours, our social clubs are a chance to have fun whilst learning new things from one another.


Another way that older neighbours can come together with younger neighbours to share time and knowledge is through visiting workplaces and businesses in the local community. You may not think that where you work is interesting, but there’s a lot that an older neighbour could gain from seeing how a modern day office operates! For example, David (97) spent much of his life developing new agricultural technology and enjoyed the chance to visit HL Structural Engineers, hearing about the work they do across Liverpool and comparing it to his memories of what his old workplace was like. 


As well as visiting HL Structural Engineers our older neighbours have also enjoyed business visits across the city with a range of different places like Merseyside Sport and the law firm DWF LLP, where older neighbours were treated to a tour of the offices and had the chance to meet one of DWF’s founders, Jim Davies. Older neighbours have even been welcomed into the Liverpool Cares’ office, to see where the magic happens and meet some of the other local businesses that work out of LAB Liverpool. 

Barbara (77) was able to use the opportunity at DWP LLP to learn more about the profession her niece hopes to go into one day. Barbara also enjoyed seeing how a modern office differed to those she worked in when she was younger, and shared some brilliant memories of her own experiences working in an office,  “I remember when I was at work, we got the first computer in the office. It took up the whole wall! We had to queue up to use it, it was unbelievable. At this visit, we saw how everyone in the office has their own laptop to work from, my younger self would have been so surprised!”


Over the next few months we have visits planned to many different workplaces, ranging from video game developers to charity day centres, but we’re always looking for more places to visit. So if you think that your workplace could host a group of older neighbours for a couple of hours, then please get in touch with Abbie on [email protected]- we’d love to hear from you!

Abbie Beckett

Posted by Abbie Beckett on Tuesday 12th November 2019

Abbie leads the Social Clubs programme at Liverpool Cares.