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"Alex Smith, who runs community networks in Manchester and London, says that it’s important to look at how segregated our neighbourhoods have become, as the housing crisis drives old and young apart. “Where I feel the generations have become estranged from one another is in the lack of sharing time, laughter, experiences, relationships, everyday interaction,” he says. “That reduction of interaction – and therefore dialogue – occurs because of a shortage of mixed housing, lack of public squares, businesses that undervalue both youth and later-life experience, and a national culture and debate that stereotypes millennials and baby boomers as diametrically opposed.”"

"We need more of this type of interaction across our regions. Civil society can lead the way by being innovative and responsive to the changing demands — and language — of the world around them. This means moving beyond the traditional ‘service’ model defined by the provision of ‘help’ given by staff or volunteers to ‘clients’ — in favour of a more mutual approach."

A plan to connect the generations
APPG on social integration; December 2017

"This disconnection is fixable. It’s a problem we all have some capacity to solve. By spending time with people who are not like us – people whose age, life experiences, class and views on the world may differ substantially from our own – we can show that people from across perceived divides have so much to gain from one another."

In this video our founder talks about how one man inspired him to set up The Cares Family, and how people spending time with people in rapidly changing urban environments is fundamental for our health and wellbeing. 

Liverpool Cares is unique – but it's based on an idea and a model which has been running in other cities for seven years. This BBC documentary charts that journey and shows why it's important to stay connected in our rapidly changing cities.

Bridging the generation gap
BBC1 Inside Out; September 2015

"Those small, personal interactions can have a really positive effect in people's lives, providing the connection, comfort, companionship and care many of our more isolated neighbours need."

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