Part of the family

Here at Liverpool Cares, we’re proud of our city. It’s the laughter, the spirit, the music – and ultimately the people – that make this place so special. We’re also proud of our family – the wider Cares Family that Liverpool Cares is part of that’s bringing older and younger neighbours together in other fast-changing cities around the country too.

So today, we wanted to share our new film which celebrates you – the people who are part of this family, who refuse to accept that loneliness and division are the norm even as the world changes around us.

The new animation spotlights some of the social clubs that you’ve already enjoyed in the 10 months since Liverpool Cares opened – the dance parties, Desert Island Disc nights, pub clubs and quiz nights. And it introduces our new Love Your Neighbour programme, which brings the generations together for one-to-one friendship, bringing some of the outside world in for those who can struggle to get out.

And we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking Liverpool Cares to your heart, and thank you for sharing so many stories, so much laughter and so many new experiences with your neighbours. 

Can you help make these types of relationships possible by setting up a regular donation of £5 a month to Liverpool Cares?

Alex Smith

Posted by Alex Smith on Wednesday 7th August 2019

Alex is Liverpool Cares' founder and CEO.

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